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Cassegrain Kalara Tea Tree Oil is manufactured by T.G. Cassegrain & Co. Pty Ltd, a family-owned and run company and one of the largest producers of 100% pure Australian tea tree oil in the world. The Cassegrain plantation was established in 1997 on the mid-north coast of New South Wales in Australia, which forms part of the world’s only natural habitat for the Melaleuca alternifolia plant.

The former bush property contained naturally growing Melaleuca alternifolia that have been nurtured into the 14 million specially selected trees that grow on the plantation today. In addition to selling tea tree oil in bulk to beauty and health companies around the world, we are one of the only manufacturers of Premium Grade Tea Tree Oil that sells direct to the consumer, making Cassegrain Kalara Tea Tree Oil one of the freshest and most natural tea tree oils available.



Premium Grade Tea Tree Oil is defined as:


  • Tea tree oil made from the Melaleuca alternifolia species and grown in its
    native habitat in the northern NSW and southern QLD regions of Australia

  • Low-temperature steam distilled from trees grown and harvested under 
    sustainable farming practices

  • Containing certain levels of key naturally-occurring components to ensure
    premium quality is maintained in the manufacturing process

  • Meeting all requirements of the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association’s
    (ATTIA) Code of Practice

  • Meeting all local and international standards.

Kalara Tea Tree Oil conforms to strict Australian and international quality controls, including ISO 4730 (2004), AS 2782-2009 and British Pharmacopeia standards.

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